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What is the Average ICU Nurse salary

If you have ever been a patient in a medical center, you are aware that nurses are the health care provider you see more often than a doctor. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics documented in December 2009 that demand for registered nurses is projected to raise by over 581,500 careers by 2018, raising the size of the registered nurse workforce by 22 %. Nurses who focus as ICU nurses are a portion of this increasing demand.


* ICU nurses are responsible for individuals in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Due to the level of care as well as documentation, an ICU nurse has fewer individuals to care for than a nurse on a nonintensive care floor.

* ICU nurses are likewise referred to as critical care nurses. They specialize in dealing with individuals who require complex care and close observation. ICU nurses work with other critical care professionals to develop as well as implement treatment plans for seriously unwell individuals.


* records in 2010 that the typical income for an ICU nurse is $68,111, almost $4,000 annually more than a registered nurse who isn't working on the intensive care unit. CB Salary records that the average salary for an ICU nurse is $73,491. The typical income varied by geographical location.

* In Kansas City, Missouri, it was $66,853. In the West, the typical income in Phoenix was $74,089 and in San Francisco it was $109,113. On the East Coast, ICU nurses in Tampa, Florida, averaged $69,249. In Washington, D.C., they created $81,863, and in New York City the average income was $92,854.


* In comparing the education level of registered nurses, over 58 percent have a bachelor's diploma, while over 34 % have an associate's degree along with a diploma from a nursing school. As soon as passing a certified nursing program, nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination to practice as a registered nurse.

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